Warts on the bottom of the heel.


Warts are a virus (human papilloma virus) that are often caught from simple contact. The warts can become large and quite painful, especially when they are present on the bottom of the foot.

What do they look like?

The wart will often have several tiny black dots within the thickened skin. They are often very painful when you squeeze them, but may not be particularly painful when you apply direct pressure.

Are they contagious?

All viruses are potentially contagious. Like catching a cold, you can do the same with a wart. When one family member has warts, the entire household is at risk of catching them. Simple precautions, however can prevent this: The member with warts should not walk in their bare feet around the home and they should also be sure to use a type of spray disinfectant on the shower floor when they are through bathing (most over the counter air deodorizers are adequate for this).

How do I get rid of them?

If caught early enough, many warts will respond to over-the-counter wart remover. However, this should be used carefully, as many of these remedies contain acid and can cause serious burns and/or infections. The traditional medical treatment for warts involves either surgical removal of the wart, application of topical prescription strength acids, or freezing the warts. The problem with these methods is they can be quite painful following treatment and often require multiple visits. At Newport Family Foot Care, Dr. Sheff treats warts with a specific type of injection that can successfully kill the wart, often in as little as one visit. He uses a method similar for children that is equally effective.