Prescriptive shoes for the Diabetic patient.

Diabetic Foot Care

Those with Diabetes require special attention regarding their feet. Dr. Sheff can evaluate the circulation and nerve function of your feet as well as perform routine foot care in order to prevent serious complications such as infection and amputation.

Diabetic Shoes

Newport Family Foot Care is a registered medical equipment distributor. We are trained and licensed to measure, fit and dispense prescripitve shoes made for the Diabetic population. These shoes have proven to reduce the risk of infections of the foot as well as reduce the incidence of hospitalization and amputations from foot infections. Due to these facts, these shoes are often covered by most insurance carriers. Happily, the shoes now come in a wide variety of styles including sneakers, boots and dress shoes and look nothing like the typical, old fashioned and ugly prescription shoes of the past.

Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy

Until recently, the only treatment available for painful Diabetic Neuropathy were medications. Narcotics and other pain medications as well as various drugs made to address the pain associated with neuropathy were the primary (if not only) treatments available. Although many of these medications can be effective and are in use throughout the world, many also have side effects and can not be tolerated. Thanks to the technology that brought the MLS Class IV Laser, Dr. Sheff can treat painful Diabetic Neuropathy without any side effects and without the need for any medications. Not only can the laser reduce, if not eradicate the pain, but it has also shown to actually restore sensation in the previously insensate foot.